Find out what our clients are saying about their experience with Fitness-4-U:

Gary has been training me for about 6 months. In that time I have lost 2 stone and made a large improvement in my fitness. I used to be fit and healthy when I left school, but 35 years of too little exercise were taking their toll. I was obese and diabetic with high blood pressure. I am no longer obese, do not have high blood pressure and my blood sugar levels are under control for the first time in 10 years. I enjoy the challenges Gary gives me. They are all varied and interesting. I did not think I would complete several of the first sessions but did manage them all. I recommend Gary as pleasant to work with and effective at what he does.”
Steve Bunce, Faringdon
Gary was recommended to me over 4 years ago and I have never looked back. Being an elderly, overweight , extremely unfit woman, lacking in all self-discipline, and not exactly the sort of client to enhance his ‘street cred’, he not only took me on but has stuck by me through thick and thin. He has a warm personality and good humour, making it a pleasure to work with him.
Whilst constantly battling with my weight, he has encouraged me in a non-judgmental way and has at least shown interest in my excuses whilst invariably ignoring them of course! The result – my fitness levels are much, much higher and I’m 5 years older!
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gary to everyone. He’s well worth the pain!”
Mo Harvey, Swindon
I have worked with Gary since 2005 and it is true to say that I’m fitter now in my sixties than I have ever been in my life. The same applies to my husband Dudley. Gary is brilliant. He is tough, supportive and always on your side.”
Pam Ayres MBE
I started seeing Gary on a weekly basis soon after I completed my 9 months of treatment for breast cancer – about 8 years ago now. I had read somewhere that “Cancer loves fat people” and after the steroids and chemo etc left me feeling pretty rubbish I resolved to change my lifestyle and become as fit and healthy as I could be. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it/maintain it on my own. I did not want a recurrence! With Gary’s help, advice, support and cajoling and chivvying I am in a much better place than I was before my diagnosis – fitter, slimmer and more energised, and armed with a new stock of terrible jokes.”
MB, Glos
Gary is a brilliant trainer - he has lots of patience, pushes you when you need it but more importantly from my prospective is that he refuses to give up on you even when you have given up on yourself.”
Mrs P Goldsworthy, Swindon
Gary is a great trainer. I am basically lazy and would not have found the motivation to get myself into a reasonably fit state without Gary's sessions. It is something different each week and although it often hurts, I have never had a session where I haven't laughed. It has become an important part of my week and I am now running regularly and feeling fit, active and positive. My husband has started with Gary and we would both recommend him very highly as a trainer.”
Kate Hicks Beach, Glos
I have been using Gary for 5 years now. I will never be really fit but he works with what he has got without making you feel bad about yourself. He has been supportive through various health problems researching and adapting to find things you can do. He never pushes me too hard but does encourage and support. Everything else I would have given up, or wasted membership money on. Every session has been worthwhile. He is punctual organised and nice !”
K Henwood, Glos
Gary's the first fitness trainer I've found who doesn't bore or annoy me. He's great at finding new ways to exercise, though I drew a line at kettle bells. I am self motivated but on the rare occasions I've felt like never running again he gently gets me back into the groove. He's positive, fun, very competitive and finds it difficult to balance on one leg.”
Mrs E Austin, Glos
Gary became my personal trainer 5 years ago having trained my husband for a while before me. I was not a runner then but walked fairly regularly but knew I needed to do more. The sessions alternated resistance work and running intervals, starting very basically. It took a few months before I began to believe I was actually a runner although I did do some running between sessions so I could "report back" to Gary. After that we set goals of first a 10k race then a half marathon the next year to then a few 10ks and half marathons a year and this year smashing pbs.
Gary has always made the sessions fun even if they are tough. There is always a variety of sessions with new resistance work or intervals being introduced. Having me enthusing about running and exercising has had a good knock on effect on my family, my husband still runs and will keep me company, my eldest son has joined the running club at uni and enters several of the same races (but beats me), my other son cycles 9 miles a day to and from college and my daughter has been out running with me as well.”
Sue Green, Swindon
I decided to contact Gary after seeing an advert in the NCB newsletter several months after having my son Sam. I had got to a stage where I knew that I needed to get back into shape but just couldn't find the motivation or inclination! I bought a course of fitness sessions so that I would be sure to follow the regime and see some changes. Gary was very good - he started with a test of my fitness, flexibility and strength - but nothing too scary! We then agreed a target which fitted in with my hopes and expectations. Due to the fact that I have damaged knees, Gary organized the following sessions to fit around what I was able to do.
Gary was supportive and motivating but importantly understood the other pressures that a new mum, and for me a full-time working mum, has on her time and energy levels. Particularly when we had to do our home sessions in Sam's nap time! I was astounded and extremely pleased to loose over a stone and to get much fitter overall. I would very much recommend Gary and he has changed my perspective and outlook on fitting some exercise into my lifestyle."
Dr J McLeod, Swindon
Gary has been a force for good in my life for 3 years now. His unfailing encouragement and modern training methods have enabled me to raise my fitness levels from walking a few yards to running 10k with a smile on my face. He never flags, leads by example and is very good company on a run. If he doesn't know something he will find it out, and if he does know he will impart his wisdom in a non-patronising way. Importantly Gary respects his clients right to be the way they are - I was never criticised for being obese at the start - I was only encouraged to get fitter, which was my stated aim. Only when I decided I wanted to lose weight did Gary help me do this. Regular fitness reviews have really helped to keep me focused on my aims and to appreciate the changes I am making to my strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. Whatever your fitness level or goal in life Gary has something to offer."
AT, West Berkshire
I contacted Gary then aged 27 overweight, unfit, stressed and low on confidence all caused by poor life style habits. My goals were to develop a healthy structured lifestyle that would enable me to cope better with stress, feel more open and confident to be able to take on my challenging job doing justice to my ability. At age 29 now I have gone from an
overweight sluggish 95kg to a trim fit 70kg. I didn't think I had it in me to achieve what I have but with Gary's support, encouragement and tailored approach I am happy to say I've achieved all my goals and I am now both mentally and physically much fitter for it."
Mr D Bowser, Swindon
My approaching wedding and escalating weight prompted me to take the plunge and get some help from a personal trainer. I’ve had gym membership for years but with little success at managing my weight and fitness consistently.
Gary’s friendly style put me at ease right away despite my concerns at being out of my comfort zone and we agreed on some personal goals which got me well motivated. I quickly settled into an exercise and eating routine which put me on track to achieve my goals and Gary’s magic scales stopped me from becoming too disheartened when weigh in didn’t show the obvious weight loss I had expected (often I would achieve fat loss but put on muscle which disguised the progress I had actually made!)
Gary’s knowledge and experience has taught me how to exercise properly in ways I enjoy and can do at home as well as teaching me about how my body works and why. The investment made in gaining this knowledge should stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. All the women in my family struggle with their weight when they hit middle age and have weight related health problems but I now feel that I have tools to stop this happening to me as I go through my thirties.
I would thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone who needs extra support and focus to get either get fit or control their weight. With Gary’s help I’m well on track to being the slim & beautiful bride I want to be next April!"
RO, Faringdon
Gary has trained me now for close on a 10 years. During that time, I have moved on from someone who was moderately active into feeling very fit, with more energy and the motivation to maintain a regime of regular exercise. Gary has achieved this by constantly assessing my limits, and evolving an exercise plan which pushes, but does not exceed, those limits. The exercise plan he formulates is imaginative and (mostly!) enjoyable, and is supplemented by detailed and regular progress reports on my well-being and overall fitness.
He is dependable and punctual and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who similarly wanted to get fit."
Nigel Hugh-Smith, Coln St Aldwyn
With the help and support from Fitness-4-U, in less than a year I have lost three stone in weight, my blood pressure and resting heart rate are both significantly lower, and I am generally much fitter"
Mr S, Lambourn
I was immensely sceptical about having a personal trainer but constant pressure from my wife and an introduction to Gary soon changed that. I know I am not a very good pupil but Gary has been a great encouragement to me and, although I admit to not necessarily looking forward to my hour with him each week, Gary's sense of fun makes it bearable and I have to admit I feel a great deal better because of it!"
MK, Wiltshire
I've trained with Gary for well over a year. At the beginning he listened carefully to my specific training needs for the army, and then tailored a really good regime for me, as well as advising me on my diet. He built up my training programme and really pushed me when he knew I needed it. I achieved a level of fitness I've never known, and when I was tested by the military the training really paid off. Gary is a thorough professional, who provides very high quality personal training. I recommend him to anyone wanting to get themselves fit."
John Lyons, Wiltshire
I first met Gary five years ago and it’s been my best investment to date. His keenness and enthusiasm has ensured I am far fitter and healthier than I was when we met."
Mr Richard Gordon, Glos
After 5 years of trying to lose weight, and failing miserably I decided it was time to seek some professional help. So I grabbed the yellow pages and the first number I found was Gary's. He came to my house (which was convenient for the both of us) and we discussed diet, exercise and long term goals. It was then that I realised where I had been going wrong, and I could have kicked myself (hard !!).
It wasn't a case of "your not exercising enough" it was a case of "your not pushing yourself hard enough, or for long enough." So, over the last 5 months I have pushed myself like never before, and am pleased to report that I've lost 7.25kg (over a stone). I am now fitter, stronger, slimmer, but more importantly happier. I owe a lot to Gary, and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone that needs that extra push in reaching there long term goal. Thanks Gary."
Miss L. Harris - Highworth
Professional, punctual, knows his stuff, sets an example, organised, works out with you, personable, good humoured, non-judgemental, adaptable, always gives the full hour and never rushes, easy to be with and not intimidating.
Would I use him again? Yes. Absolutely!
Would I recommend him to others? Yes. Absolutely!
Have I learned from the sessions? Yes!
Have I ever regretted a session or thought it a waste of time or not seen a point to it? No!"
Shirley Hensher, Swindon

Mission Statement

It is the aim of Fitness-4-U to enable people to improve their quality of life through attaining one of the greatest gifts of all – being fit and healthy. Getting people fitter will improve not only their physical condition and all the multitude of health benefits that this brings, but will boost an individual’s psychological well-being such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, and it can also help combat depression and stress.

Fitness-4-U is based on the belief (and scientific evidence) that an individual’s short and long term quality of life can be greatly enhanced by achieving an improved level of personal fitness. For this reason, it provides individual goal related personal fitness training programmes for all levels of ability and ages.

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