Online Training

Now you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a Fitness-4-U Personal Trainer wherever you are in the world.

How does it work?

Online Fitness Training

At first you will be emailed questionnaires to determine your current health, your goals, what you enjoy, what you dislike, any constraints, your exercise history and general lifestyle.

If you are accepted as a viable candidate for Online Training you will be allocated a personal trainer and then they will ask you to conduct your initial benchmark fitness assessment. This is a number of simple easy to follow tests that use equipment you can find in your home.

Based on the information you have given in the questionnaires, your fitness goals and fitness assessment, you will then be emailed a weekly personalised training schedule for you to complete. This is normally sent to you in the form of a spreadsheet log on which you are required to log your completed sessions and add comments. This is then emailed back to the trainer on a weekly basis so that this feedback can be used to plan your next weeks training programme. Additional support is available via email, text and phone.

How is my progress measured?

Online Fitness Training

There will be a fitness assessment every six to eight weeks. This will consist of the same tests that you did at the outset of the training programme so you will be able to see just how you have improved.

After each assessment, you will receive a full written report detailing your performance and progress and recommended areas for improvement.

Do I need any equipment of my own to do the Online Training?

Online Fitness Training

It is possible to write a programme for you without any equipment, but for a balanced programme and optimal results we recommend you purchase a set of dumbbells with weights of up to at least 6-8kg for females and 10kg for males and a heart rate monitor, which can cost from as little as £25

How often will I have to work out?

It’s a personalised programme so it will all depend on your schedule and your fitness goals.

Online Training from Fitness-4-U is available for just £50 per month for UK based clients*

*If you are applying from overseas please contact us stating your country of residence and we will provide you with a quotation.

Payment can be made by monthly standing order, cheque or PayPal.

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