The initial consultation

The first session is a free of charge health screening and goal setting meeting. You will not be required to do any exercise during this consultation.



You will be required to complete Pre-Exercise, Lifestyle and Stress Questionaires in order for us to prescribe a safe and effective exercise programme.

If we feel there is any reason why you should not commence an exercise programme you will be given a form for your Doctor to confirm whether it is appropriate for you to start a specified exercise programme.

Goal Setting

Goal setting

The screening process will indicate a clear idea of the type of goals that you wish to achieve from your exercise programme. These may be as varied as losing a few pounds for a wedding, getting back in shape after childbirth, running a marathon, or decreasing stress levels to reduce the threat of coronary heart disease. From this we can draw up short, medium and long-term goals that we can measure, monitor and alter as appropriate.

Kettle Bells

And then...

After the initial consultation the next session is usually taken up with more active fitness tests used for benchmarking and measuring your progress. Don't worry there will not be anything too strenuous or beyond your ability - they are scientifically designed for all levels.

Based on these two sessions your Personal Exercise Programme will be written up and will begin in earnest.

Basic Fitness Tests

Initial f4u session

In order to ascertain the correct exercise level, and to establish some benchmark figures against which goals can be set we will then take some basic fitness measures.

Depending on your goals these can include:

  • Weight
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Body Mass Index Rating
  • Body Fat Distribution
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